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Like I wasn’t there at the beginning of the month, I give you today all the versions of April I made in my Richard Armitage’s Calendars.

Hope you will like some of them :)

Hi everyone,

First, I really want to thank everyone of you because thanks to you, I have now 303 followers :)

Believe me, you make me feeling so good!

But I wanted too to show you the new design of my Lucas’ blog (picture 1). It took me most of the week to do it, that explains in part why I didn’t do a lot of things this week, sorry.

  • On the left sidebar:

You will find a lot of links, empty for now, except for the one called “7.01”. If you click on it, you will arrive on a new page (picture 2).

As you know, I love working on the episode of Spooks, but I’m also a real fussy about my work and how everything is handled.

So, I decided to work on each episode separatly. So, each link will be related to one episode; 7.01 being my work about season 7 episode 1 of Spooks/MI5.

On the main page of the episode, you will have a little summary only about Lucas or his whereabouts.

Click on the link “Episode in Gifs” and you will arrive on a new page (picture 3) where you will find all the important moments of the episode I made (or will make) on gifs. I thought it could be like a comic ^^

After seeing them, go to the “Videos” link (picture 4). For each episode, you will find all Lucas’ moments on Video and all the videos I will do about each episode (fan video, RA ChaRActers video…)

To finish this section, go to the “Wallpapers & Jigsaws” link (picture 5) and here you will find all the wallpapers, graphics, icons and jigsaws I made(or will make) for this episode.

If you want to come back to the episode main page, click on the numero link, if you want to return to the blog itself, click on “Home”.

  • On the right sidebar:

After the classic links about refresh the page, the ask box and the archives, there is some others links: “My tags" is created but not reworked for now; "Main blog" will send you to my main RA’s ChaRActers World.

Then you have “Lucas in Words”. Click there and you will be in a new section (picture 6). I will try to update it everytime I will publish something.

Same for the “Charact Words” (picture 7) the section about the RA’s ChaRActers words where I publish the link to the posts and the picture about Lucas related to the theme.

Picture 8 shows you the section about Lucas fanfiction I want to recommand or I’m writing. But if I already created this page, it is not entirely finished, sorry.

Now, you have a quick view of this new blog :) It’s like a site but in a tiny place ^^ I will probably do the same thing for some others of my RA’s blog that I find not as organised as I would like it for now ^^

I really hope you will feel quite happy here and that you will enjoy my work :)

Again thanks to be here and for your support!


Richard Armitage’s ChaRActers in Words : Back

  1. Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
  2. Miss Marie Lloyd: Percy Courtenay
  3. Spooks: Lucas North
  4. Staged: Daryl
  5. Strike Back: John Porter



Richard Armitage’s Characters in Words:

Special Lucas North - Backside

We never get tired of some wonderful things, I think…


Richard Armitage’s ChaRActers in Words : On Phone

  1. Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
  2. Moving On: John Mulligan
  3. Sparkhouse: John Standring
  4. Spooks: Lucas North
  5. The Golden Hour: Alec Track


Richard Armitage’s ChaRActers in Words : Amazingly Topless

  1. Robin Hood BBC: Guy of Gisborne
  2. Spooks: Lucas North
  3. Strike Back: John Porter

Lucas North (Spooks, 8.04)

Well… I thought it could be a sweet way to tell you: “Hey, I’m here again :D I missed you all :)”