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Lucas North (Spooks): “From Russia with love”.

wallpaper 1600*1200

Richard Armitage as Lucas North, on the film set of Spooks.

One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Lucas North in Blue →


Allright, I hadn’t make a jigsaw since a long time but at least, I really hope you will enjoy the new one I just did.

As I always thought and said, blue is really Richard’s color and more particularly Lucas’s one.

So… I couldn’t resist to play with him with this beautiful color!

Lucas North in Blue: 30 pieces

Lucas North in Blue: 280 pieces

Lucas North (Spooks, 7.02)

Sorry, but I really needed that again in my dash. Hope you will enjoy those jigsaws again ^^

One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Dangerous →


Like I couldn’t give it to you Monday, here it is today, the new jigsaw I did about Lucas North from Spooks, episode 8.04.

I love how blue suits Richard and particularly while playing Lucas. I love playing with this color cause it always makes his eyes so bright and so beautiful… even if they already are ^^

Dangerous: 24 pieces

Dangerous: 280 pieces

Dangerously handsome, sexy, attractive… a life ruiner ^^

Lucas North (Spooks, 8.04): “Dangerous”

wallpaper 1280*960